We have 24 hour production capacity to produce approximately 487,000 lbs per day at maximum operations of blending formulas or repackaging finished products. All operations are monitored by the production manager and validated with lab technical analysis to ensure specifications for each product is met.

Our production area has 17 blending vessels with varying speeds, agitators and blade and propeller fans providing capacity to produce 59,500 gallons (495,000 lbs) daily. Modifications to vessels can be accomplished as required to meet your specialty blend requirements.


▪ISO 9001:2008 Certified

▪17 Blending Vessels from 5 to 5,500 gallons

▪80 Drum Capacity Hot Room

▪Liquid and Custom Blends

▪Custom Packaging and Labeling

▪Certified under FM Approvals for Food Grade Processing Fluids

▪Quality Control Lab for Technical Analysis

▪All Vessels Mounted on Load Cells for Exact Measures

▪Warehouse Storage Options Available

▪Urgent and Immediate Requirements Usually within 24 Hours

▪Roll-Through of Industry Tank Trucks